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  • Brexit is yet another example of Scotland paying the price for the damaging policies of Westminster parties completely out of touch with Scotland’s values.
  • Whether it’s staff shortages in our beloved health service, spiralling food costs or a stuttering economy – the Brexit that Scotland didn’t vote for, has failed.
  • At the upcoming UK General Election, there is only one party committed to ensuring Scotland re-joins the European Union and world’s largest single market – that’s seven times the size of the UK.
  • A vote for the SNP is a vote to exit Brexit and choose a brighter future for Scotland as an independent nation inside the EU.
  • Our message to the chancellor ahead of the UK Spring Budget could not be clearer: prioritise investment in public spending and infrastructure over further tax cuts.
  • While the SNP government will always do everything it can to defend public services, Scotland is not immune to the devastation imposed by Westminster cuts, Brexit and sky-high UK inflation.
  • It is only with the full economic and fiscal powers of an independent nation we can use all levers other governments have to support our public services and tackle inequalities.



The 2024/25 SNP budget funds equality, opportunity, and community through:

  • Supporting household budgets by fully funding a council tax freeze.
  • Funding free school meals, free childcare and wiping out school meal debt.
  • Uprating Social Security Scotland payments by 6.7% – including increasing the Scottish Child Payment to £26.70 a week.
  • £19.5 billion for NHS recover, Health and social care – giving our NHS a terms uplift in the face of UK government austerity.
  • A 5.6% increase to Police Scotland’s day to day budget.
  • Over £66 million to anchor a new offshore wind supply chain.
  • £12 hourly wage for Nursery and Social Care staff.
  • Funding to start the next phase of duelling the A9.


Updated modelling shows that SNP Scottish Government policies like the Scottish Child Payment will keep an estimated 100,000 children out of relative poverty and 70,000 children out of absolute poverty in 2024-25, with child poverty rates 10 percentage points lower than they would otherwise have been.

First Minister Humza Yousaf commented: “We know that the UK Government could lift a further 40,000 children out of poverty in Scotland this year if they made key changes to Universal Credit. That includes introducing an Essential’s Guarantee and scrapping the two-child limit.”
Every child in Scotland deserves a life free of poverty and I will continue to do everything in my power to make that a reality.”