About Tom ..

My wife and I moved to Roman Camps in 2006 and we have put down roots in the area, making many personal and professional connections in the area. My daughters attend Broxburn Academy with one playing for Broxburn Colts U14s.

As an Autism Support Officer, I have supported, designed services, worked with local organisations and individuals, and made professional links with services in the ward area. In my employment I have supported individuals to challenge non-residential contributions and against cuts to important local services.

As a founder member of West Lothian Shinty, I have encouraged many people to enjoy this active Scottish sport.

I have previously served on West Lothian Council as a Councillor and would be able to start working for the ward immediately.

And here is a wee VIDEO by way of introduction to myself and my motivation to become a Councillor.


Tom Ullathorne Intro Flyer v8